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MacYourself Blog Archive coque samsung s9 plus 360 How to arrange and sort coque samsung s7 edge transparente paillete files in Finder using Mac OS X Lion

With the introduction of OS X Lion, Apple changed the way file sorting works in Finder. Unfortunately, it has left some users confused as to why selecting Arrange By > Name isn working in Finder coque samsung a50 Column view.

An interesting issue has been plaguing some Mac users running OS X 10.7 Lion. When browsing in Column view, Finder sometimes won let you sort files and folders alphabetically by name. Even if the correct setting is selected, Finder simply refuses to comply. Luckily, there is a quick fix for those coque samsung j4 affected by this problem.

In previous versions of Mac OS X, the Arrange By function in Finder simply changed the order in which files and folders were displayed based on the user selection. In OS X 10.7 Lion, there are two ways to sort: Arrange By and Sort By. Arrange By now groups files and folders into coque samsung s8 souple categories. For example, if you select Arrange By > Kind, coque iphone 11 all of the items in the current folder will be separated into groups for Documents, Images, PDFs, etc. The same is true if you choose to arrange by Date, Size, Application, coque samsung s7 etc.

Kind of handy, right So what if you got arranged groups of files that you want listed in coque protection samsung s7 x wing order of size That where the new Sort By feature comes in. When holding down the Option key, coque double samsung s8 the Arrange By menu changes to Sort By. You see many of he same options as Arrange By Sort By merely reorders the items that are already contained in the groups.

Replicating the issue

With that quick overview out of the way, let get back to the issue of sorting not working in Finder Column view. coque samsung a70 It all comes down coque fin samsung galaxy s7 to a conflict between Arrange By and Sort By. Even though you got your Arrange By menu set to Name, the Sort By function coque marbre samsung galaxy s7 is likely overriding it with another setting. Here how you can coque samsung s7 avengers replicate the issue on any Mac running Lion:

Open samsung galaxy s10 plus coque silicone a Finder window and select View > as Columns in the menu bar.

Go to View > Arrange By > Kind in the menu bar

While coque samsung galaxy s8 marbre noir holding down the Option key, go to View > Sort By > Date Added. Notice the order of the files and how they are categorized.

Next, release the Option key and go to View > Arrange By > Name.

Whoops! That didn go as planned, did it As you can see, your files are not arranged alphabetically by name. The groups are gone, but the files are still sorted by date!

The solution

Three easy steps resolve the issue:

Open the folder you having trouble with in Finder.

Go to View > Arrange By > None in the menu bar.

Hold the Option key and go to View > Sort By > Name.

Done! It interesting that this behavior only occurs in Column view and not Icon, List, or Cover Flow. One would expect Arrange By > Name to override whatever setting Sort By previously had, but that is not the case. In coque rose samsung galaxy s6 edge the future, it might be easier to leave Arrange By set to None and only use the Sort By setting to rearrange files. This behaves exactly like Arrange By used to in OS X versions prior to Lion.

I been reading posts like these for years now: NO! Not another unnecessary Mac coque samsung s8 friends Sound familiar The ongoing frustration on display in posts like these from previously gung ho Mac users must surely be sounding alarm bells somewhere inside the Mac organization The simple truth is that a lot of Mac fans who have suddenly found that even the lowly but gloriously functional Mac method of sorting files has now become a time wasting nightmare. Don you get it, Mac They have had enough of your microscopic Surely someone will notices that this is yet another clear indication of how Mac is ruthlessly and stupidly alienating it customer. Incessant, arbitrary and redundant changes to a system that was beautifully simple in concept, design and function, indicates coque a clapet samsung s9 plus only one thing: Mac now must have a vast stable of bored desperately trying to justify their existence. It the Pretzel approach the pretzel is perfect, coque samsung galaxy s8 dbz a time proven shape which works beautifully as tasty snack food, but let improve it anyway by adding a couple of new curves and a nasty new topping so we can keep our jobs if people don like it, we fix it again later Sort of like mice nibbling away at the edges until no one will eat it. Result: user fury and Mac decline. Wake up your public are going to dump you. In design, simple is always best. You are not immortal or invincible no company is if it fails coque s10 samsung clear view to coque samsung s7 tableau listen to it customer base That ie, the people at the bottom. They are the source of you success not the nerds and techno freaks!..

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